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Urban Lawncare, LLC was established in August, 1991 by owners Charles Ron and Michelle Urban. Ron began his career in the lawn care field in 1965 working for his parents, Pete and Donna Urban. The Urban’s then operated a small service providing lawn mowing and garden maintenance. After the death of Pete Urban, in June 1991, Ron kept the family tradition of providing lawn maintenance services to established clients. Even today, Urban Lawncare continues to serve clients that patronized Pete and Donna’s business in 1965. This reflects the quality of work produced today still remains to show the quality of the first generation owners of Urban Lawncare, LLC.

Urban Lawncare, LLC is licensed and insured to provide Lawn pesticide and vegetation chemicals, Tree and Shrub Pesticides, Micro Tree Injection, Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control and Extermination ~ controlling roaches, ants and other pests such as mice ant and termite control and treatment, Tree Trimming and Removal, Stump Removal, Bobcat and Dirt Work, Hydroseeding, Irrigation Installation and Repair, Outdoor Christmas Lighting, Keystone Hardscapes providing retaining walls, materials and installation, mulch, dirt, sand, river rock, gravel, and hardscapes inventory.

Urban Lawncare is a DOT trained company and follows all Rules and Regulations for truck and equipment safety according state standards and has a certified OSHA Specialist on staff to comply with all OSHA safety standards.

Urban Lawncare is licensed in Kansas and Missouri holding licenses in categories 3A, 3B, & 7A, 7C and 7E for lawn pesticides and chemicals and indoor and outdoor extermination services.

Urban Lawncare, LLC Mission Statement

Urban Lawncare, LLC exists as a Lawncare organization which intends to be a leader in the provision of high quality primary and secondary Lawn Maintenance, Tree Trimming and Removal Services, Chemical Weed Vegetation Services and Pest & Extermination Control and in the development of many other Lawn Maintenance related services as may be reasonable required to maintain, as well as to make available the continuum of Lawn Maintenance services to businesses and residents of the service area at the lowe st cost and most effective service top provide excellent quality.

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